Emily at the Taphonomy Working Group meeting, Paris

14614436_10157646805640533_1825641738_oEmily recently attended the fourth meeting of the ICAZ Taphonomy Working Group in Paris to present a just-published paper from the NeoMilk project (Johnson et al. 2016). The meeting was held from the 7th-10th September in the glorious complex belonging to the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in the  Jardin des Plantes. Emily gave a presentation on new methodology for displaying bone fracture analysis using sequences of fracture freshness, a technique that allows fractures caused by carcass butchering processes, deposition practices and taphonomic factors to be displayed on the same chart. The conference was a brilliant opportunity to meet with colleagues and keep up to date with research, and also to look around some of the amazing museums at lunch break!

Emily’s paper on profiling taphonomic history through bone fracture can be read here for free until the 22 October.

Johnson, E.V., Parmenter, P.C.R., Outram, A.K., 2016. A new approach to profiling taphonomic history through bone fracture analysis, with an example application to the Linearbandkeramik site of Ludwinowo 7, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 9, 623-629.

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