Big NeoMilk meeting in Exeter


Emmanuelle is getting ready to present her results to the NeoMilk team (photo courtesy of Emily).

Alan Outram and Emily Johnson organised a great meeting for the NeoMilk team last week at the University of Exeter.

The meeting, initially proposed as a ‘Team Bone’ meeting by zooarchaeologist Roz Gillis, quickly snowballed and became one of the most complete whole-team meetings of the project, with a total of 15 team members in attendance.

The delegates came from all over Europe, from the Universities of Exeter, Bristol, UCL and Poznan, and from the CNRS-Muséum Nationale d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. The meeting was a great chance to see how various parts of our multi-facetted project were progressing, with 10 of the 15 delegates presenting data.

In all, the day was a great success, ending with a delightful project meal and a drink with the skeleton in the Wells House Tavern.

Team NeoMilk sampling trip, Hungary

2015-02-25 12.16.52

Team Neomilk being shown around Eger’s historic castle.


The NeoMilk team headed off into the wilds of Hungary in February 2015 to study and sample the material from some Polgar sites. There was a slight moment of worry when the bus dropped us in what seemed the middle of nowhere. However, we all arrived safely and the bone team started work on sorting through the enormous sacks of material, which contained such lovely aurochs specimens. The sites focused on by Team Bone were Polgar-Piocas, Ferenci-hat and Csőszhalom.






2015-03-04 16.22.41auroch











2015-03-01 08.45.27

Emily’s muted St. David’s day celebrations!


The whole team worked their socks off, taking a small break for Emily to celebrate St. David’s day, and finishing eventually with, in Emily’s case, a typically grubby face! Thanks to everyone who provided access to materials and who showed us around!


NeoMilk Sampling Trip, Strasbourg

Strasbourg lab

The fantastic bone lab in Strasbourg, which had one of the best comparative collections that Emily had ever seen. It was an absolute joy to work here.


The whole NeoMilk team headed to Strasbourg for our first combined site analysis (ceramics and bone analysis). Two zooarchaeologists on the team, Dr. Roz Gillis and Emily Johnson, demonstrated their methods and stayed in lovely Strasbourg for two weeks to study the assemblages of Bischoffsheim and Rosheim, with the help of Emilie Guttman and Rose-Marie Arbogast.

It was at this first site that Roz and Emily first bonded as researchers and became affectionately known as Team Bone!