Visit from Jason West, pioneer of the “isoscape” framework


Jason West at the University of Bristol. Picture courtesy of Cat Jarman (who co-organised the event with Julie Dunne).


On Friday, the Organic Geochemistry Unit and the Cabot Institute were welcoming Jason West.

Jason is Professor of Ecosystem Ecology at Texas A&M University and also co-director of the Stable Isotopes for Biosphere Science laboratory. He has pioneered the use of “isoscapes” (from isotope landscape) as an organizing framework, which includes gathering and using spatially explicit isotope data, isotope mapping and multidisciplinary applications of isoscapes. This is a really exciting new field, which is now being applied in a range of diverse disciplines including ecology, hydrology, biology, biogeochemistry, anthropology, geography and forensics.

Jason gave a lecture and ran a workshop about isoscapes and their applications, which were particularly relevant for the NeoMilk project. Members of the NeoMilk team from Bristol as well as Adrian (who came especially from London) were delighted to meet Jason.

Thank you for coming and giving this inspiring talk!


Veronika in Bristol

Veronika Matlova from the Department of Dairy, Fat and Cosmetic science of the Institute of Chemical Technology (Prague) is visiting the Organic Geochemistry Unit this week.

As her PhD project involves the analyses of sherds from LBK Czech sites, she is coming to the School of Chemistry to learn how to extract and analyse lipid residues from pottery vessels.