Meeting in Saxony


Harald and Richard observing the excavations at the Drossdorf well

Harald and Richard looking at the excavations of the Drossdorf well.

Richard and Mélanie spent 2 days in Leipzig in mid-September. The aim of the visit was to discuss sampling of archaeological sites in Saxony with Harald Stäuble and colleagues from the Archaeological Heritage Service in Dresden and Leipzig (Saskia Kretschmer, Isabel Hohle, Germo Schmalfuß, Matthias Conrad and Christiane Krahn). Richard gave a talk on the NeoMilk project and an introduction to lipid residue analyses. We were lucky enough to be able to sample hundreds of potsherds which will surely tell us a lot about changes in subsistence practices through time in the region.


The highlight of the stay was clearly the visit of the Droßdorf wooden well. This 7,000-yr-old LBK well was discovered in 2014 in a lignite mine in the area of Peres in the south of Leipzig, during excavations carried out by the Archaeological Heritage Service. It was decided to move the well in order to facilitate the excavations so a 30 tonne-block (!) was transported indoor to a hall nearby. It is possible to see the excavations happening in real time as the hall is open to the general public. A really nice exhibition was also put up next to the well to inform the public about the Neolithic context and other wooden wells within the country and Europe. Spectacular finds have already been discovered at other wells (e.g. Eythra or Altscherbitz) so let’s wait and see what Droßdorf has to offer!

More information on the well excavated at Droßdorf can be found here.

Thank you to all of you for welcoming us in Leipzig – we had a great time (and a great German lunch!).

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