New paper on sheep and goat husbandry by Roz

NeoMilk members Roz and Jean-Denis have just publisehd a paper on ovicaprine husbandry.

They present a species specific study of sheep and goat mortality data from early European and Anatolian Neolithic contexts using correspondence analysis. The results show that for sheep there were significant differences in slaughter management practices between regions, cultures and site types whereas for goats there was none. This initial examination into sheep and goat husbandry during the Neolithic suggests that cultural practices as well as regional geography played an important role in shaping management practices.

The full paper can be found here.

Gillis, R. E., Gaastra, J. S., Linden, M. V. and Vigne, J.-D. 2019. A Species Specific Investigation Into Sheep and Goat Husbandry During the Early European Neolithic. Environmental Archaeology: 1-12.

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