Alex Bentley

Academic interestsPicture_AB

  • Cultural evolution and diversification
  • Modelling and understanding the spread of information and behaviour; collective decision making
  • Isotopic analyses of skeletal remains to explore questions of community diversity, kinship and social complexity in prehistoric settings

Role in the project

As a NeoMilk Senior Researcher, Alex brings his considerable knowledge of isotope analysis to Theme 2 (Domesticated animals in the LBK), co-supervising the PhD student Iain Kendall. An expert on copying and social behaviour, he also contributes to Theme 3 (Chronicling, mapping and correlating patterns of animal management and milk use to environmental and cultural changes).

Selected publications

Bentley, R.A., 2013. Mobility and the diversity of Early Neolithic lives: isotopic evidence from skeletonsJournal of Anthropological Archaeology 32: 303-312.

Bentley, R.A., P. Bickle, L. Fibiger, G.M. Nowell, C.W. Dale, R.E.M. Hedges, J. Hamilton, J. Wahl, M. Francken, G. Grupe, E. Lenneis, M. Teschler-Nicola, R.-M. Arbogast, D. Hofmann & A. Whittle, 2012. Community differentiation and kinship among Europe’s first farmersPNAS 109: 9326-9330.

Bickle, P. D. Hofmann, R.A. Bentley, R.E.M. Hedges, J. Hamilton, F. Laiginhas, G. Nowell, D.G. Pearson, G. Grupe and A.W.R. Whittle, 2011. Roots of diversity in a Linearbandkeramik community: isotope evidence at Aiterhofen (Bavaria, Germany). Antiquity 330: 1243-1258.

Bentley, R.A., J. Wahl, T.D Price & T.C. Atkinson, 2008.Isotopic signatures and hereditary traits: snapshot of a Neolithic community in Germany. Antiquity 82: 290–304.

Bentley, R.A., 2007. Mobility, specialisation and community diversity in the Linearbandkeramik. Proceedings of the British Academy 144: 117-140.

A full list of publications can be accessed here.