Arek Marciniak

Academic interestsPicture_AM

  • Archaeological theory and methodology
  • Neolithic Anatolia and Central Europe
  • Archaeozoology and bone taphonomy
  • Social theory and its archaeological applications

Role in the project

Arek brings considerable experience of research into faunal assemblages, particularly in relation the social perspectives of LBK farmers and their animals. As a NeoMilk Senior Researcher, he contributes to Theme 2 (Domesticated animals in the LBK) and Theme 3 (Chronicling, mapping and correlating patterns of animal management and milk use to environmental and cultural changes).

Selected publications

Marciniak, A., 2013. The society in the making: the house and the household in the Danubian Neolithic of the central European lowlands. In T. Kerig and A. Zimmermann (eds), Economic archaeology: from structure to performance in European archaeology, 47–63. Bonn: Habelt.

Marciniak, A., 2006. From animals and food in space to bones in context. Social zooarchaeology of the Neolithic farming communities. In D. Papaconsantinou (ed.), Deconstructing context. A critical approach to archaeological practice, 34-49. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Marciniak, A., 2005. Placing animals in the Neolithic. Social zooarchaeology of prehistoric farming communities. UCL Press: London.

Marciniak, A., 2005. Social changes in the early European Neolithic. A taphonomy perspective. In T.  O’ Connor (ed.), Biosphere to litosphere. New studies in vertebrate taphonomy, 146-54. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Marciniak, A., 2004. Everyday life at the LBK settlement. A zooarchaeological perspective. In A. Lukes and M. Zvelebil (eds), LBK dialogues. Studies in the formation of the Linear Pottery Culture, BAR International Series 1304, 129-41. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports.

Marciniak, A., 2003. People and animals in the early Neolithic in Central Europe. New approach to animal bones assemblages from farming settlements. In A. Legakis, S. Sfenthourakis, R.  Polymeni and M. Thessalou-Legaki (eds), The new panorama of animal evolution. Proceedings of 18th International Congress of Zoology, Athens, 309-17. Sofia-Moscow: Pensoft.

A full list of publications can be accessed here.