Borys Banecki

Role in the projectPicture_bb

  • Preparing pottery samples for lipid analysis (cataloguing, photographing, cleaning, grinding, extracting).
  • Running the extracts by GC, GC-MS and GC-C-IRMS.


MSc Fundamental Chemistry (2012) with a special emphasis on physical chemistry, University of Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Title of thesis: Dielectric and thermal properties of short-chain tetraalkilammonium iodide.
I worked in an accredited laboratory for 2.5 years in the coke (fuel) industry as a senior laboratory technican/team leader, where my duties consisted of:
- periodic inspections and calibration of analytical equipment,
- checking and verification of results and documents,
- supervising the work of the team and training new employees,
- sampling, sample preparation and analysis using a variety of wet and instrumental chemistry techniques as well as doing measurements of physical properties of materials.