David Altoft

Role in the projectPicture_DA

  • PhD studentship supervised by Prof. Richard P. Evershed;
  • Investigating via fatty biomarkers and compound-specific stable isotopes (δ13C) of animal fats preserved in food residues, the origins and quantitative distributions of the major animal products acquired and processed in LBK pottery.


MSc Bioarchaeology (Bioarchaeology) (2014)

University of York, UK.

  • Detecting molecular biomarkers associated with aquatic species in archaeological pottery from Early Neolithic sites in the Upper Volga basin of Western Russia (supervised by Dr. Oliver Craig).
  • Dissertation title: Developing a chronology of the culinary interactions of prehistoric pottery and food in the Upper Volga. 

BSc (Bioarchaeology) (2013)

University of York, UK.

  • Generating a reference dataset of stable carbon isotopes and molecular biomarkers associated with the residues of various terrestrial and aquatic species from across the Japanese archipelago cooked in replica Jōmon pottery, so as to support organic residue analysis of archaeological Jōmon pottery  (supervised by Dr. Oliver Craig).
  • Dissertation title: Developing a sampling strategy for carbon isotope and molecular biomarkers of the organic contents of Jōmon pottery. 



Roffet-Salque, M., Dunne, J., Altoft, D., Casanova, E., Cramp, L.J.E., Smyth, J., Whelton, H., Evershed, R.P., in press, From the inside out: upscaling organic residue analyses of archaeological ceramicsJournal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 

Craig, O.E., Saul, H., Lucquin, A., Nishida, Y., Taché, K., Clarke, L., Thompson, A., Altoft, D.T., Uchiyama, J., Ajimoto, M., Gibbs, K., Isaakson, S., Heron, C.P. and Jordan, P., 2013, Earliest evidence for the use of pottery, Nature, 496, 351-354.