Mark Thomas

Academic interestsPicture_MT

  • Human demographic and evolutionary history inference
  • Molecular phylogenetics of extinct species using ancient DNA
  • Cultural evolutionary modelling
  • Molecular biology

Role in the project

Mark will play a critical role in defining cultural variables for input into the modelling activities carried out in Theme 3 (Chronicling, mapping and correlating patterns of environmental and cultural changes). He will manage the work of a PDRA (tba),  who begins work in Year 3 on statistical modelling that draws together the various strands of new information derived from Theme 1 (Organic residues of milk and other products in LBK pottery) and Theme 2 (Domesticated animals in the LBK).

Selected publications

Timpson A, Colledge S, Crema E, Edinborough K, Kerig T, Manning K, Thomas MG, Shennan S, 2014. Reconstructing regional population fluctuations in the European Neolithic using radiocarbon dates: a new case-study using an improved method. Journal of Archaeological Science (in press).

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Bollongino, R., Nehlich, O., Richards, M. P., Orschiedt, J., Thomas, M. G., Sell, C., Fajkošová, Z., Powell, A. and Burger, J., 2013. 2000 Years of Parallel Societies in Stone Age Central Europe. Science.

Itan, Y., Jones, B., Ingram, C., Swallow, D. and Thomas, M., 2010. A worldwide correlation of lactase persistence phenotype and genotypes. BMC Evolutionary Biology 10(1): 36.

Itan, Y., Powell, A., Beaumont, M. A., Burger, J. and Thomas, M. G., 2009. The origins of lactase persistence in Europe. PLoS Computational Biology 5(8): e1000491.

Ingram, C., Mulcare, C., Itan, Y., Thomas, M. and Swallow, D., 2009. Lactose digestion and the evolutionary genetics of lactase persistence. Human Genetics 124(6): 579-591-591.

Burger, J., Kirchner, M., Bramanti, B., Haak, W. and Thomas, M. G., 2007. Absence of the lactase-persistence-associated allele in early Neolithic Europeans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104(10): 3736-3741.

A full list of publications can be accessed here.