Emmanuelle returns to Alsace

Emmanuelle at the CCE with a beautiful LBK potsherd from Ensisheim

Emmanuelle at the CCE with beautiful refitting LBK potsherds from Ensisheim


Emmanuelle went once again to Alsace, this time to sample sherds from the upper Rhine region.

She had to be patient to access these sherds as she had to wait for the reopening of the new building at the Centre de Conservation et d’Etude (CEE) – Alsace. She met Agathe Mulot who let her access the collection from the LBK site of Ensisheim.

She also had a meeting with Suzanne Plouin, curator in charge of the archaeological collection at the Musée Unterliden in Colmar. She sampled the LBK site of Colmar.

Alsace trip – 2

Emmanuelle spent another week in Alsace. She went to Strasbourg and met with collaborators at the palais Rohan, MISHA and INRAP to  collect more samples and archaeological reports of interest for her project.

This time she also went to Mulhouse. She was received by Lionel Pinero, collection manager at the Musée historique de Mulhouse. He kindly opened the external reserve of the Museum located in the basement of the crematorium to sample one LBK site from the Haute-Alsace.


Emmanuelle had the nice surprise to have snow the day she went to visit the Musée historique de Mulhouse.


The museum has an exibition intitled “Trésors d’archéologie” were they  few LBK objects excavated in the region are displayed.

Alsace trip

Emmanuelle went back to Alsace for a week in October. This time she met with Bernadette Schnitzler, curator at the Palais Rohan, who opened the stores of the Museum for the selection of potsherds from 3 Neolithic sites from the Alsace region needed for her project.


The Palais Rohan in the center of the city holds the Archaeological Museum and the Decorative Art Museum. On the right side are the stores where Emmanuelle selected the sherds relevant to the project.

She also went to the INRAP to meet with Philippe Lefranc where they exchanged results and ideas for the future of the project. Emmanuelle also sampled sherds from another LBK site from Basse-Alsace with the help of Delphine Minni .


Philippe and Emmanuelle at the INRAP looking at the pottery assemblage from Rosheim.

At the end of her stay Emmanuelle presented the NeoMilk project and her preliminary results to Christian Jeunesse and some students in archaeology at the Maison Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l’Homme – Alsace,  University of Strasbourg.

She is now back in Bristol with 200 sherds waiting to be analysed !

Back from Strasbourg

Emmanuelle and Jessica went to Strasbourg in early July to sample Alsacian potteries. They met with the archaeologist Philippe Lefranc who has performed the seriation studies of Alsacian LBK pottery. Philippe kindly guided them in the region to collect some sherds and drove them back to Strasbourg by going through small villages where several LBK sites were excavated. Nowadays those sites have been replaced by modern individual houses.


Emmanuelle in front of the train station. Ready for the sampling!


A very happy Jessica sightseeing in the “Petite-France”.

Two new PhD students for the NeoMilk team

We are welcoming Emmanuelle Casanova and David Altoft who are starting a PhD under the supervision of Richard P. Evershed at the School of Chemistry in the University of Bristol.

They will both work on lipid residue analyses of pottery sherds from the LBK, in two distinct regions. Furthermore, one of Emmanuelle’s focus will the development of the direct compound-specific dating of lipids extracted from Prehistoric sherds.


Team Bone in Strasbourg and Speyer

Rosemarie lend a hand

Rose-Marie Arbogast lends a hand in the material store in Speyer


In October 2014 the bone team hit Strasbourg again, this time to study the material from Herxheim, a site with possible evidence for cannibalism. Part of the material is stored at Strasbourg with the lovely Rose-Marie Arbogast (left) and the rest in Speyer in the Rhineland-Palatinate archaeological depot with Andrea Zeeb-Lanz. A tiny city with one of the oldest cathedrals, it certainly impressed both ladies!



NeoMilk Sampling Trip, Strasbourg

Strasbourg lab

The fantastic bone lab in Strasbourg, which had one of the best comparative collections that Emily had ever seen. It was an absolute joy to work here.


The whole NeoMilk team headed to Strasbourg for our first combined site analysis (ceramics and bone analysis). Two zooarchaeologists on the team, Dr. Roz Gillis and Emily Johnson, demonstrated their methods and stayed in lovely Strasbourg for two weeks to study the assemblages of Bischoffsheim and Rosheim, with the help of Emilie Guttman and Rose-Marie Arbogast.

It was at this first site that Roz and Emily first bonded as researchers and became affectionately known as Team Bone!